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Re: [PATCH] Fix C11 conformance issues

On 25/07/2018 12:42, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jul 2018, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
>> I am not familiar with HTL internals, but ISO C required some NPTL
>> internal adjustments:
> - The C11 threads functions call __pthread_* internally, so all those 
> __pthread_* names needed to exist and, where they called POSIX functions 
> internally, they needed to be made to call __* names for those functions 
> where that wasn't previously necessary for POSIX namespace reasons.

So summarize and assuming the fix for the stdc-predef.h for HURD [1], 
ISO C threads support for HTL would require:

  - Add the required __pthread_*  alias called from C11 threads and
    also fix any internal possible linkspace name issue by calling
    libpthread __* names.

  - Correctly tie the HTL required types with ISO C threads without 
    adding namespace or linkspace pollution by adding a platform
    pthreadtypes-arch.h implementation (not sure if it would require
    arch-specific ones since HURD since to support only i686).

  - Check if HTL requires some handling of the function pointer 
    mismatch between ISO C thread thrd_start start and pthread_create.

  - Add a wrapper to nanosleep to return syscall return code directly
    to use on thrd_sleep.

  - Call __sched_yield in thrd_yield.

  - Remove hurd specific stdc-predef.h and htl threads.h and make
    threads.h the generic one.


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