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Re: [PATCH v2 00/12] RISC-V glibc port for the 32 bit

On Tue, 24 Jul 2018 14:02:07 PDT (-0700), wrote:

This patch set contains the glibc port for the 32 bit RISC-V.

FYI I finished reviewing this patch set - only for technical errors,
since I'm new to port reviews - and didn't find anything beyond what
I've already posted.

I'll give it my +0.5 at least :-)

Ya, I agree -- I think the problems here are in being confident we can actually declare a stable RV32I Linux ABI in the next week, not this actual patch set. I think we should keep it out of tree for this release -- when we did the RV64I port is was too rushed but there we at least had the existence of a handful of Linux distros to point to. If we do this right we can just make a backport of the RV32I stuff to 2.28, do an experimental distro port, and then have confidence that the 2.28 will actually work.

I think we should merge this soon after 2.28 branches as opposed to soon before 2.28 branches. As far as I know there's no distros chomping at the bit for RV32I anyway, so it's not like delaying this for a release cycle will cause too many headaches like it would have with the RV64I port.

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