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glibc 2.28 status.


We've been moving slowly through the large set of desirable and
blocker bugs, either deferring or trying to resolve reviews.

I admit we were being overly optimistic in what we wanted for
the release and we're pruning that back now. I think next week
we should start the machine testing, but to do that I'd like to
see finished work for a few things.


What is the status of Intel CET? This is an important feature
which I know is desirable for Intel and partners because getting
this into the ecosystem ahead of hardware has value. We've been
working on the core issues for a long time.

Are there only 3 patches left at this point?


What is the status of ISO C Threads support?

Carlos (talking to myself),

What is the status of the malloc hook removal?

I've pinged Florian and Joseph for another look at the status
and possibly inclusion in 2.28.


If we could cross off these 3 ABI changing issues, then I think
we can roll into next week with testing and get the release out


As for blocker bugs...

Florian, Carlos (again myself),

What is the status of the ISO 14651 collation update and regex
range issue in en_US.UTF-8?

I think Florian has convinced me we should just do rational
ranges, and avoid any further pursuance of the unusable collation
element order usage for [a-z], [A-Z], and [0-9].

We continue to get reports that the update to the collation is
breaking things for downstream users, and that's bad.

Rational ranges can be done entirely with just data adjustments
and so we can fix this quite cleanly for 2.28, while still keeping
the ISO 14651 collation data that Mike included.

I expect we'll have this resolved in another day (Monday).


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