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Re: [PATCH v2 10/12] soft-fp: Add the lack of implementation for 128 bit

On Tue, 17 Jul 2018, Zong Li wrote:

> Add the definition of macros for 8 bytes length. I only add the
> lack of implementation when building the RISC-V 32 bit port.

Please use *self-contained* commit messages (= patch submission messages) 
with all relevant information from prior discussions.

My understanding from discussions of the previous patch series version is 
that this issue is something to do with the combination of soft-fp fma, 
ldbl-128 and 32-bit _FP_W_TYPE_SIZE, where every pair of those three is 
already used by some glibc port but none uses all three together.  So you 
need to explain that properly in your commit message.

In my view, such patches that are not logically part of a port should be 
posted separately from any patch series for the port, and before that 
patch series, with the patch series then being noted as depending on them 
(if it does).

I think consideration of (a revised version of) this patch is most 
appropriately deferred until 2.29 (and probably likewise the new port 
itself, given the associated risks and the lack of posting before the 
freeze - posting before the freeze being particularly important for any 
architecture-independent changes involved in a new port).

Joseph S. Myers

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