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Re: [PATCH v8 6/8] nptl: Add abilist symbols for C11 threads

On 07/13/2018 05:49 PM, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:

Thanks for all the reviews, I have updated my personal branch [1] with
all you required changes:

Thank you for your patience.  This is looking really good now.

   - ABI fixes for mips-gnu-linux-soft.

I can confirm that these are fixed.

   - pthread_create / pthread_join cast inconsistency.
   - sysdeps/nptl/threads.h moved to nptl/threads.h.
   - thrd_sleep is now a cancellable entrypoint.
   - once_flag and ONCE_FLAG_INIT and __ONCE_ALIGNMENT definition.

Should the type be a struct?

I think ONCE_FLAG_INIT needs to be a compound literal, not an initializer, at least that's how I read the standard (“which expands to a value that can be used to initialize an object”).

   - thread_local guards for C++.

Missing indentation of the #define. The manual could mention that for C++, C++11 or later needs to be used to get the thread_local keyword (not the macro).

   - TSS_DTOR_ITERATIONS assert check.

I am not sure about the thread error code mapping to errno, it will
required tying POSIX error code to C11 use some internal mechanism
It will most like require generate a platform-specific file
auto-generated from errno definitions (more build complexity), and
I am not sure if this micro-optimization will really yields any
measurable gain.

I'm fine with leaving it as is.


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