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Re: [PATCH v4] BFD: Prevent writing the MIPS _gp_disp symbol into symbol tables

On Mon, 30 Apr 2018, Joseph Myers wrote:

> >  Therefore I think we should selectively ignore it.  What you write 
> > implies we have no predefined way of doing that, and it looks to me like 
> > we ought to define a way to feed `scripts/abilist.awk' a (carefully 
> > selected) list of symbols to ignore in processing.
> But do we need such a list, or would just ignoring all absolute symbols 
> suffice?
> At present, abilist.awk shows such symbols with a type of "A".  Apart from 
> symbol version names, _gp_disp seems to be the only such symbol.  Is there 
> any need to have the "A" lines for each symbol version in the abilist 
> files?

 I don't know.  Perhaps someone else knows.

 As I noted stripping the problematic symbol is IMO the best solution.  
Using `$CC -print-prog-name=strip' to discover where the right `strip' 
binary is should be a straightforward way to arrange that in a platform 
`configure' fragment.  Then we can dump `_gp_disp' from .abilist files.


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