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Re: Multiarch interpreter names for traditional architectures

On Sun, 4 Feb 2018, Javier Serrano Polo wrote:

> Simpler systems use multiarch interpreter names. I am looking for
> consensus since I would like to avoid, e.g., having,
>,, and for x86.
> What would be the proper multiarch names for the following
> architectures? I present suggestions:

As discussed, changing the interpreter name is an ABI break (apart from 
making new binaries gratuitously not work on old systems, the dynamic 
linker can get confused when a reference to the old name ends up being 
resolved to a symlink to the new path with the new SONAME; this is an 
actual issue that arose with the change to have ARM hard-float ABI use a 
different dynamic linker name from soft-float ABI).  I think doing so for 
any existing ABI has costs that outweigh any benefits.

> m68k

Under-specified, since you have classic m68k, ColdFire hard-float and 
ColdFire soft-float.  See <>.

> mips,classic NaN,o32,BE
> mips,classic NaN,o32,LE
> mips,classic NaN,n64,LE

Under-specified, since you have hard-float and soft-float.

> powerpc,32-bit
> powerpc SPE

The actual distinction at the glibc ABI level is between the hard-float 
and soft-float ABIs; SPE uses the same glibc ABI as soft-float.

This illustrates an issue with expecting unique interpreter paths in such 
cases.  It's entirely reasonable to have different distribution variants 
for powerpc soft-float and SPE, which might thus use different multiarch 
directory names - but because there isn't a separate ABI, anything which 
is part of the ABI (including the interpreter path) should not be 
different between them.

> powerpc,64-bit,BE
> powerpc,64-bit,LE

The existing paths are /lib64/ and /lib64/  Those paths 
are unique to those ABIs - it's only the path that needs to be unique, 
there should be no problem with one ABI having in /lib64 
(powerpc64 BE) and another having it in /lib (s390x).

> s390,64-bit

Again, the path is already unique (/lib/

> sh,SH4

Under-specified, there are four SH4 ABIs.

> sparc,64-bit

Path already unique, /lib64/

Joseph S. Myers

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