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Re: [PATCH v3 7/7] powerpc64le: Enable float128

On 6/28/17 11:30 AM, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
> On 27/06/17 22:41, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> * Peter Bergner:
>>> Yes, we emit a symbol only defined by libcs that support this and
>>> yes, __parse_hwcap_and_convert_at_platform is that symbol:
>>>   if (cpu_builtin_p)
>>>     {
>>>       /* We have expanded a CPU builtin, so we need to emit a reference to
>>>          the special symbol that LIBC uses to declare it supports the
>>>          AT_PLATFORM and AT_HWCAP/AT_HWCAP2 in the TCB feature.  */
>>>       switch_to_section (data_section);
>>>       fprintf (asm_out_file, "\t.align %u\n", TARGET_32BIT ? 2 : 3);
>>>       fprintf (asm_out_file, "\t%s %s\n",
>>>                TARGET_32BIT ? ".long" : ".quad", tcb_verification_symbol);
>>>     }
>> I see, so everything is fine.  Nice!
> well using the new builtin means glibc build will fail with old gcc.

How so?  The usage of __builtin_cpu_supports() we're talking about is in
libgcc's float128-ifunc.c source file, so it's not part of GLIBC's build.


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