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Re: [PATCH v3 7/7] powerpc64le: Enable float128

"Gabriel F. T. Gomes" <> writes:

> This patch adds ULPs for the float128 type, updates the abilist for libc
> and libm, and adds the files bits/floatn.h and float128-abi.h, in order to
> enable the new type for powerpc64le.
> This patch also adds the implementation of sqrtf128 for powerpc64le, since
> it is not implemented in libgcc.  The sfp-machine.h header is taken from
> libgcc.
> Tested for powerpc64le (GCC 6.2 and GCC 7.1), powerpc64 and s390x.
> 	* NEWS: Mention the addition of float128 features for powerpc64le.
> 	* manual/math.texi (Mathematics): Mention the enabling of float128
> 	for powerpc64le.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/bits/floatn.h: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/libm-test-ulps: Regenerated.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/math_private.h:
> 	(__ieee754_sqrtf128): New inline override.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64le/Implies-before: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64le/Makefile: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64le/fpu/e_sqrtf128.c: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64le/fpu/sfp-machine.h: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64le/power9/fpu/e_sqrtf128.c: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/powerpc64/libc-le.abilist:
> 	Updated.
> 	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/powerpc64/libm-le.abilist:
> 	Likewise.
> 	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/powerpc64le/float128-abi.h:
> 	New file.

Looks good to me.

Tulio Magno

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