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Re: Is this pthread_cond_wait() race possible

On 2017-06-08 14:28:09 [+0200], Torvald Riegel wrote:
> > The counterpart (pthread_cond_signal()) uses __condvar_acquire_lock()
> > which is a handcrafted lock with atomics and two bits. Do you have an
> > integer field left?
> No, otherwise I would have avoided the complexity of embedding the lock
> bits :)  One could rearrange the bits in some other way to get a full
> 32b for the PI lock -- but I don't think that's the fundamental problem.
> > This seems to be only part that would break PI. That
> > is a low priority thread that owns the lock (and is scheduled out) will
> > make every subsequent thread end up in futex_wait(). An integer with
> > futex_lock_pi() should fix that.
> Have you looked at the presentation I gave at Real-Time Summit last
> year?  I think the problem we're facing re PI support is more
> fundamental than getting a PI lock in there.

You refer to

the last two slides?
This is gone now. I don't know how much trouble it will cost us. Let's
In the old implementation if you had a high-prio task in
pthread_cond_wait() then it already had the mutex on its return path and
it would boost the waker if needed. We don't have this "fast" kernel
boost, only after the task has been woken up and is going for the
userland mutex (which should be owned by the pthread_cond_signal()
caller). So this context switch is not optimal. *But* the signal path
does not hold any locks which made you lose PI while trying to obtain
the internal condvar mutex via futex_wait().
In the broadcast case all threads will compete for the one lock so
thundering herd here we are. But ideally the thread with highest
priority should get the lock first.
So based on that, the only thing I see is, that you end up in
futex_wait() via the one lock in pthread_cond_signal() (or
pthread_cond_timed_wait() ETIMEDOUT path).


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