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Compiler bugs for builds with GCC mainline

FYI, the following failures building with with GCC 
mainline (r242641, Sunday) appear to involve GCC bugs.  Hopefully some or 
all of these will get fixed for GCC 7.

FAIL: compilers-m68k-linux-gnu-coldfire gcc-first build

FAIL: compilers-powerpc-linux-gnuspe gcc-first build

FAIL: compilers-tilegx-linux-gnu gcc-first build
FAIL: compilers-tilegxbe-linux-gnu gcc-first build

  Error building libgcc: "Assembler messages: Error: operand out of range 
  (70 is not between 0 and 63)" (building _negvsi2.o).  Not yet filed in 
  GCC Bugzilla.

FAIL: glibcs-microblaze-linux-gnu build
FAIL: glibcs-microblazeel-linux-gnu build

  Missing EH support in GCC, maintainers requested to get the required 
  patch upstream.

FAIL: glibcs-sh3-linux-gnu check
FAIL: glibcs-sh3eb-linux-gnu check
FAIL: glibcs-sh4-linux-gnu-soft check
FAIL: glibcs-sh4-linux-gnu check
FAIL: glibcs-sh4eb-linux-gnu-soft check
FAIL: glibcs-sh4eb-linux-gnu check

  (note the latter is cc1 eating all memory and swap until the OOM killer 
  kills it, so watch out if using with GCC mainline)

Joseph S. Myers

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