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Re: [PATCH] Add getrandom implementation [BZ #17252]

On 06/11/2016 12:15 AM, Roland McGrath wrote:
You need to start with rationale justifying the new nonstandard API and why
it belongs in libc,

Based on the last discussion, I assumed that we had consensus that we'd add wrappers for system calls which do not have merely niche applications.

There are about a dozen widely used cryptographic libraries on GNU/Linux which would use the system call to seed their PRNGs. The /dev/urandom interface is considered insufficient, due to the boot-time initialization issue, and due to the potential unavailability of the device node.

In addition, many libraries need a one-time entropy source to initialize cookies (like our stack guard), or keys for randomized hash tables.

> let alone why it should litter a POSIX-standard header.

We can certainly put into something like <sys/random.h>.

But if there is no consensus to evolve the Linux-specific glibc API, I don't know what to do.

getrandom support in glibc is requested rather often. Here is a recent example:



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