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Re: [PATCH] strfmon_l: Use specified locale for number formatting [BZ #19633]

On 04/05/2016 12:26 PM, Stefan Liebler wrote:

> on s390, i get elf/check-abi-libc.out:
> --- ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-64/libc.abilist 2016-03-04
> 14:08:24.443047376 +0100
> +++ /home/stli/glibcDir/glibc-20160405-build/libc.symlist 2016-04-05
> 08:34:18.215255347 +0200
> @@ -2131,0 +2132 @@ GLIBC_2.4 __printf_fp F
> +GLIBC_2.4 __printf_fp_l F
> In stdio-common/printf_fp.c ldbl_-macros are used for __printf_fp_l ...:
> ldbl_hidden_def (___printf_fp_l, __printf_fp_l)
> ldbl_strong_alias (___printf_fp_l, __printf_fp_l)
> ... which are defined in sysdeps/generic/math_ldbl_opt.h
> (e.g. used on x86_64):
> #define ldbl_hidden_def(local, name) libc_hidden_def (name)
> #define ldbl_strong_alias(name, aliasname) strong_alias (name, aliasname)
> ... or sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-opt/math_ldbl_opt.h
> (e.g used on s390):
> #ifdef SHARED
> # define ldbl_hidden_def(local, name) libc_hidden_ver (local, name)
> # define ldbl_strong_alias(name, aliasname) \
>   strong_alias (name, __GL_##name##_##aliasname) \
>   long_double_symbol (libc, __GL_##name##_##aliasname, aliasname);

Sorry about that.  I asked for guidance on this aspect earlier, but did
not receive any response.

The main question here is if we need additional symbols because we have
a dependency on the double layout, and the code needs to be compiled
twice.  I assume this is the point of the ldbl mechanism, but I'm not sure.


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