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Re: gnu-gabi group

On 15/02/16 17:36, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On 15 Feb 2016 16:18, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
>> you as a group admin can do that, others cannot join
>> without creating a account at google (which requires
>> the acceptance of the google tos etc).
> that is annoying

i didn't know about
(thanks Florian and Joseph)

>> you also have censorship rights over others.
> umm, every mailing list has that.  Google Groups is no different.

it's better if admin right is at some discussion related
organization. (e.g. in case anything happens to H.J.Lu)

>> even if you add users to the list they cannot access
>> the archive through standard http or https,
> you're conflating things here.  of course access is through "standard
> http or https" -- that's the transport protocol that everyone has to
> implement according to the standard in order to work.  Goole is not
> different here.

the contents cannot be accessed with an http or https client.
(unless you know the magic urls below)

>> they need to allow google to execute javascript code on their
>> machine.
> complaining that the web interface executes JS is a bit luddite-ish.

some of us tend to browse the web from terminal (== no js).

>> (so wget does not work).
> every message has a link to the raw message you can use to fetch the
> mail directly.
> perm link:

redirects me to!msg/x32-abi/IHmCJvigOEg/TyjZJYZ63DMJ

> which has a link to the raw message:

i didn't know about this raw url, it seems there is
too, so if i always change the urls i can browse the archive.
(this is not discoverable without js as far as i can see)

with the +subscribe@ and the raw msg options i'm no longer
against google groups hosting public discussions (provided
the project documents these somewhere), i still prefer more
accessible alternatives though.

> it's actually nicer than mailmain (i.e. sourceware) as it doesn't do all
> the trivial content mangling (s/@/ at/g).  it's not like e-mail scrapers
> today can't reverse that easily.
>> and the url through which you visit a post is not a
>> reliable permanent link so linking to posts is hard.
> every post has a "link" option to get a perm link.  needing the location
> in the URL bar be the perm link is a weak (dumb imo) requirement.
> -mike

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