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glibc 2.23 --- Hard freeze starting


We are now in hard freeze as stated in previous calendar planning [1].
As before, please keep your commits minimal, documentation changes only,
simple bug fixes, and no translatable strings.

Please start test your machines, refresh the ULP files and update the 
release page [2].

Current I see that we have 4 blockers right now:

1. Add tunables framework: Siddhesh sent a v2 patchset 01/16 without
   further comments.

2. Add strlcpy/strlcat: from latest messages I noted Paul has asked to
   delay it to 2.24 for further discussions.

3. Fix ABI for external copies of string function inlines on AArch64:
   there are two patches listed in the wiki page. We need to decide which
   version to use and narrow down the remaining ABI issues if any.

4. [BZ #19329] Fix race between tls allocation at thread creation and dlopen:
   Szabolcs Nagy is confident it won't add regressions and I saw Carlos
   only asked for some documentation updates.

Any other blockers and/or comments?


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