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[RFC][PATCH 7/7] uk_UA: Add alternative (genitive) month names (bug 10871)

The alternative digits hack is no longer needed and has been removed.

2016-01-08  Rafal Luzynski  <>
	[BZ #10871]
	* localedata/locales/uk_UA: alternative digits removed, alternative
	  month names used instead.
	  date_fmt definition changed not to use the alternative digits hack.
 localedata/locales/uk_UA | 22 ++++++++++------------
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

diff --git a/localedata/locales/uk_UA b/localedata/locales/uk_UA
index 5e58043..4d3b977 100644
--- a/localedata/locales/uk_UA
+++ b/localedata/locales/uk_UA
@@ -898,7 +898,7 @@ abmon /
         "<U043B><U0438><U0441>"; %lys  /
         "<U0433><U0440><U0443>"  %hru
-% A list of month names in proper form for calendar, see alt_digits. (%B)
+% A list of month names in proper form for calendar, see alt_mon. (%B)
 mon /
         "<U0441><U0456><U0447><U0435><U043D><U044C>";   %sichen`  /
         "<U043B><U044E><U0442><U0438><U0439>";    %lyutyj   /
@@ -913,16 +913,8 @@ mon /
         "<U043B><U0438><U0441><U0442><U043E><U043F><U0430><U0434>"; %lystopad /
         "<U0433><U0440><U0443><U0434><U0435><U043D><U044C>"   %hruden`
-% Initially alt_digits was supposed to hold alternative symbols for _digits_,
-% corresponding to %O modified conversion specification.
-% Although in Ukrainian language alternate _names_ are used instead of digits.
-% We'll use this keyword to present a list of month names in proper form for
-% date, see mon.  (%Om)
-% This hack is dedicated for months it won't work for other %O* modifiers
-% (weeks, days etc).
-alt_digits "<U0030>";	     % digits are starting from zero /
+% A list of month names in genitive form, for full date format, with day. (%B)
+alt_mon /
         "<U0441><U0456><U0447><U043D><U044F>";     % sichnya   /
         "<U043B><U044E><U0442><U043E><U0433><U043E>";    % lyutoho   /
         "<U0431><U0435><U0440><U0435><U0437><U043D><U044F>";   % bereznya  /
@@ -936,8 +928,14 @@ alt_digits "<U0030>";	     % digits are starting from zero
         "<U043B><U0438><U0441><U0442><U043E><U043F><U0430><U0434><U0430>"; %
lystopada /
         "<U0433><U0440><U0443><U0434><U043D><U044F>"     % hrudnya
+% Proper (preferred) day-month order which also requires a genitive case
+% for the month name. 1 means "day-month" is a valid order, 2 means that
+% both orders are correct (or does not matter), 3 means that "month-day"
+% is a valid order.
+day_month_order 1
 % Appropriate date representation for date(1).
 % The appropriate date and time format. (%c)

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