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Re: [RFC][PATCH][BZ 10871] Month names in genitive case

On 27 Nov 2015 00:00, Rafal Luzynski wrote:
> Some languages (Slavic, Baltic, etc.) require a genitive case of the
> month name when formatting a full date (with the day number) while
> they require a nominative case when referring to the month standalone.
> This requirement cannot be fulfilled without providing two forms for
> each month name.  This new feature is optional so the languages which
> do not need it or do not yet provide the updated locales simply do not
> use it and their behaviour is unchanged.
> The main change is in the strftime() function which now analyses the
> context where the month names appears in the format string and tries to
> choose whether the basic (nominative) or alternative (genitive) month
> name should be used.

because of this, and the other issues outlined here:

i think it'd be useful to start a thread on the POSIX list.  %OB is not
covered by the spec currently:

the route you went with here -- not adding any new symbols, and trying
to make the %B behavior automatic -- makes sense to me.  it means we
don't really break existing apps, and if we change %B back if/when the
POSIX standard includes %OB, then we continue to not really break.

> --- a/time/strptime_l.c
> +++ b/time/strptime_l.c
> +static char const alt_month_name[][10] =
> +  {
> +    "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June",
> +    "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"
> +  };

why introduce a new array ?  one with the same size & values already
exists a few lines above this with the name "month_name".

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