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Re: [PATCH][BZ #19329] Fix race between tls allocation at thread creation and dlopen

On 06/01/16 18:33, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
At least the following objects may have conflicting access:


I think various other accesses to the objects in the list above should
be atomic as well, but that rabbit hole is deeper than what a quick
fix could patch up.

i thought i can get away without making listp->next
access atomic, but now i see that can fail too

    /* Check if the current dtv is big enough.   */
-  if (dtv[-1].counter < GL(dl_tls_max_dtv_idx))
+  dtv_slots = atomic_load_relaxed (&GL(dl_tls_max_dtv_idx));
+  if (dtv[-1].counter < dtv_slots)
        /* Resize the dtv.  */
        dtv = _dl_resize_dtv (dtv);
@@ -470,6 +473,7 @@ _dl_allocate_tls_init (void *result)
       TLS.  For those which are dynamically loaded we add the values
       indicating deferred allocation.  */
    listp = GL(dl_tls_dtv_slotinfo_list);
+  gen_count = atomic_load_acquire (&GL(dl_tls_generation));
    while (1)
        size_t cnt;
@@ -480,18 +484,22 @@ _dl_allocate_tls_init (void *result)
  	  void *dest;

  	  /* Check for the total number of used slots.  */
-	  if (total + cnt > GL(dl_tls_max_dtv_idx))
+	  if (total + cnt > dtv_slots)
        total += cnt;
-      if (total >= GL(dl_tls_max_dtv_idx))
+      if (total >= dtv_slots)

        listp = listp->next;


a single listp node can hold 64 slotinfo entries, if more
libraries are loaded with tls then GL(dl_tls_max_dtv_idx) > 64,
but the updated listp->next pointer might not be visible here.

i will update the patch.

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