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Re: [PATCH] Use Unicode code points for country_isbn

On Sat, 25 Jul 2015, Keld Simonsen wrote:

> > It would make the locales easier to maintain for people using UTF-8, the 
> > number of which (among people concerned with i18n) can be presumed to be 
> > much greater than the number using legacy character sets.
> Yes, but you are excluding some communities. So: easier for the majority,
> impossible for a number of diverse minorities, which actually has the potential
> to be much larger than the current user base.

I think it's appropriate to say: if you want to use the glibc locales 
outside of glibc, you are responsible for maintaining the tools required 
to do so (e.g. for converting the encoding of locale source files).  I 
don't think such tools for conversion of encodings would be hard to write 
or need much maintenance when written (and in one direction - converting 
the ASCII files to UTF-8 - they might even be written by the glibc project 
as part of the initial conversion work).

Joseph S. Myers

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