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Re: Slow

On 01/27/15 14:22, David Edelsohn wrote:
If a new system is procured, we need to perform the transition in a
more timely manner so that the new system is not idle for a year like
last time.

I thought that there was more than one system.  Is it possible to
divide the work between multiple systems?
There's minimal splitting of services. The tight integration between the services makes that nontrivial. I recall some plans with more splitting of services, but I think Frank & Chris burnt out with the last upgrade before any of that could be done.

Word from Frank is that there's someone at the colo that will assess what memory is needed and try to scrounge some up. If none can be found, it'll be ordered. There are slots available for expansion.

It's a certainty we will need to upgrade that machine, the only question is when. Given the amount of time an upgrade takes for the volunteers, I'm really hoping the extra memory gives us enough headroom to get through this year.

And yes, the year delay between delivery and setup of the new server was bad, very bad.


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