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Re: [PATCH v2] handle sem_t with ILP32 and __HAVE_64B_ATOMICS

On 01/27/2015 04:21 PM, Chris Metcalf wrote:
> On 1/26/2015 11:31 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
>> On 01/26/2015 06:35 PM, Chris Metcalf wrote:
>>> This version reflects Torvald's recent comments.
>>> 2015-01-25  Chris Metcalf  <>
>>>          * sysdeps/nptl/internaltypes.h (to_new_sem): Define.  Provides new
>>>          behavior for [__HAVE_64B_ATOMICS && !defined (_LP64)].
>>>          * nptl/sem_getvalue.c (__new_sem_getvalue): Use to_new_sem.
>>>          * nptl/sem_init.c (__new_sem_init): Likewise.
>>>          * nptl/sem_open.c (sem_open): Likewise.
>>>          * nptl/sem_post.c (__new_sem_post): Likewise.
>>>          * nptl/sem_timedwait.c (sem_timedwait): Likewise.
>>>          * nptl/sem_wait.c (__new_sem_wait): Likewise.
>>>          (__new_sem_trywait): Likewise.
>> I'm not all that happy with this patch.
>> For example a statically compiled application sharing a semaphore
>> with a dynamically compiled application would appear to break
>> under your changes and nothing you can do would fix it. They each
>> have different layouts for the semaphore. This is a common problem
>> when switching internal layouts (like we did from Linuxthreads to
>> NPTL). I accept that you may want to make this change and that this
>> particular case might be unsupportable, but I want more discussion
>> on the topic.
>> Similarly H.J's comment to change the alignment of the type
>> is equally flawed as embedded sem_t's in other types would break
>> other ABIs down the line. I see he's commented on that in a later
>> down-thread post.
>> As far as I can tell the only immediately kosher solution is for
>> these machines, that can't use 64-bit atomics because the
>> alignment of their sem_t is not correct, is to use 32-bit atomics
>> (for now). The choice of 32-bit atomics in no way prevents you
>> from future 64-bit atomic uses. You can switch AFAICT to another
>> internal implementation at a later date.
>> Could you switch to 32-bit atomics for 2.21 and continue to
>> investigate this optimziation for 2.22?
> I am certainly willing to use 32-bit atomics here for now.  The absolutely
> minimal change is to change tilegx32 to set __HAVE_64B_ATOMICS to 0.
> Obviously the AArch64 ILP32 mode (out of tree) will want to do the same.
> And I don't know whether m68k or mips require a similar change or if
> they can tolerate unaligned 64-bit atomic operations.  So arguably if
> we can decide that my proposed re-aligning change is best, then it also
> automatically handles all the other platforms as well.

I would like several more rounds of review of your realigning code.

You have my permission to checkin the minimal change for tilegx32.

Similarly other ILP32 with 64-bit atomic arches should do the same,
and we can continue this conversation without the pressure of the
time boxed release.


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