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RE: [PATCHv4, MIPS] Add support for O32 FPXX and program header based ABI information

Joseph Myers <>  writes:
> On Fri, 2 Jan 2015, Matthew Fortune wrote:
> > (N64/O32/N32 unexpected pass)
> > XPASS: conform/ISO11/complex.h/conform
> > XPASS: conform/ISO11/stdalign.h/conform
> > XPASS: conform/ISO11/stdnoreturn.h/conform
> Expected whenever testing with GCC 4.7 or later - the XFAILs are there
> for people using GCC 4.6 and can be removed when 4.6 is no longer
> supported.

Is the general consensus that these should be left to XPASS or (I believe)
it should be possible to hook up a configure test to conditionally
xfail these?

> > > > FAIL: inet/test-ifaddrs
> > > > FAIL: inet/test_ifindex
> > >
> > > What are the failures here?  It's odd for these to be architecture-
> > > specific.
> >
> > Both of these fail to find any network interfaces even though there
> > are 'lo' and 'mgmt0' listed by ifconfig. I'm running a modified
> > 3.10.20 kernel so it shouldn't be too old though I don't know exactly
> > how it is modified! If there are no known issues here then I will try
> > and find out what exactly is failing.
> Maybe this is a page size issue?  If so, you could retest the MIPS part
> of the patch pointed to in my last comment in bug 16191, and commit it
> if it works to fix the observed failures, and then file the separate
> bugs / repost / ping for the IA64 / MicroBlaze parts of the patch?

Tested and committed the MIPS patch and created new bugs for ia64/microblaze
with updated patches.

I'm not sure I have sufficient spare time to resolve the O32 struct stat
conformance failure as I have a number of GCC things to resolve too.

[Bug libc/17786] [mips] O32 st_dev has the wrong type

In the grand scheme of things I guess it is not particularly harmful as it
stands. I'll look into it if I can fit it in.


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