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RE: [PATCHv4, MIPS] Add support for O32 FPXX and program header based ABI information

On Fri, 2 Jan 2015, Matthew Fortune wrote:

> Joseph Myers <> writes:
> > On Wed, 31 Dec 2014, Matthew Fortune wrote:
> > 
> > > FAIL: conform/ISO/math.h/linknamespace
> > 
> > I'd expect math.h linknamespace failures only for soft-float (and mips1
> > builds, because those use the dbl-64 sqrt implementation which uses
> > fegetround).
> = conform/ISO/math.h/linknamespace.out =
> [initial] __acos -> [libm.a(w_acos.o)] feraiseexcept

Should have been fixed by commit 0747f818110fa70323aed53fd7b50587adcbf64f.

> > > FAIL: conform/POSIX/fcntl.h/conform
> > 
> > What are the conform/ failures?  I've never run the conform/ tests for
> > MIPS as they're still native-only, but they probably indicate issues in
> Out of interest how do you run the testsuite if not natively? I got lots
> of failures from qemu user-mode testing especially with nptl tests when I
> last tried. N32 'stat*' is also very broken in qemu currently so N32 cross
> testing appears impossible until that is resolved.

test-wrapper="/some/where/scripts/ --timeoutfactor 50 
some-board", with the build / source trees on a filesystem shared over NFS 
(using physical hardware, with slow CoreFPGA processors, but this should 
work with system-mode qemu as well to ssh to a virtual board).

> = N64 conform/POSIX/signal.h/conform.out =
>   Testing for type of member sa_flags... FAIL
>     Member "sa_flags" does not have the correct type.  Compiler message:

Should now be fixed by commit 27dae0113e527aa2a94350d1f624c6e7c81139ce.

> = N64 conform/POSIX/termios.h/conform =
>   Checking the namespace of "termios.h"... FAIL
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Namespace violation: "TIOCSER_TEMT"

Should now be fixed by commit 253a59ccb571dc67b6dc303192d8d99378a35c75.

> = O32 conform/POSIX/fcntl.h/conform =
>   Checking the namespace of "fcntl.h"... FAIL
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Namespace violation: "pad"
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> = O32 conform/POSIX/mqueue.h/conform =
>   Checking the namespace of "mqueue.h"... FAIL
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Namespace violation: "pad"

Should now be fixed by commit 172019c0ecbf4714047e4ec233eab37628731d2b.

> (N64/O32/N32 unexpected pass)
> XPASS: conform/ISO11/complex.h/conform
> XPASS: conform/ISO11/stdalign.h/conform
> XPASS: conform/ISO11/stdnoreturn.h/conform

Expected whenever testing with GCC 4.7 or later - the XFAILs are there for 
people using GCC 4.6 and can be removed when 4.6 is no longer supported.

> (O32/N32 unexpected pass)
> XPASS: conform/POSIX2008/fcntl.h/linknamespace
> XPASS: conform/POSIX2008/mqueue.h/linknamespace
> XPASS: conform/XOPEN2K/fcntl.h/linknamespace
> XPASS: conform/XOPEN2K/mqueue.h/linknamespace
> XPASS: conform/XOPEN2K/utmpx.h/conform
> XPASS: conform/XOPEN2K8/fcntl.h/linknamespace
> XPASS: conform/XOPEN2K8/mqueue.h/linknamespace

Except for utmpx.h, these XFAILs are removed by my patch 
<> which is 
pending review (they are present because the tests fail on x86_64, which 
was the baseline for setting up linknamespace XFAILs).

> > > FAIL: inet/test-ifaddrs
> > > FAIL: inet/test_ifindex
> > 
> > What are the failures here?  It's odd for these to be architecture-
> > specific.
> Both of these fail to find any network interfaces even though there are
> 'lo' and 'mgmt0' listed by ifconfig. I'm running a modified 3.10.20
> kernel so it shouldn't be too old though I don't know exactly how it
> is modified! If there are no known issues here then I will try and
> find out what exactly is failing.

Maybe this is a page size issue?  If so, you could retest the MIPS part of 
the patch pointed to in my last comment in bug 16191, and commit it if it 
works to fix the observed failures, and then file the separate bugs / 
repost / ping for the IA64 / MicroBlaze parts of the patch?

Joseph S. Myers

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