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Re: -Werror now enabled by default

On Wed, 10 Dec 2014, Richard Earnshaw wrote:

> On 10/12/14 01:17, Joseph Myers wrote:
> > I've committed the patch to enable -Werror by default.  I get a clean 
> > build and test on x86_64 with GCC 4.9, but *this is expected to break the 
> > build for some other configurations*.  If you see build breakage from 
> > warnings, you should submit patches to fix or disable those warnings as 
> > appropriate (or use -Wno-error if really necessary - only for warnings not 
> > enabled by an option that can be used in diagnostic pragmas).
> > 
> > -Wno-error=undef is used until the build and test is clean for -Wundef on 
> > at least one configuration.
> > 
> I'm seeing testsuite failures on AArch64:
> tst-mbswcs1.c: In function âdo_testâ:
> tst-mbswcs1.c:54:3: error: format â%Zdâ expects argument of type âsigned
> size_tâ, but argument 2 has type âintâ [-Werror=format=]
>    show (mbrtowc (&wc, (const char *) buf + 0, 1, &state), 1, 37);
>    ^

Why isn't the "CFLAGS-tst-mbswcs1.c = -Wno-format" in localedata/Makefile 
working for you?

Joseph S. Myers

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