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[RFC] Remove platform dependent information from top-level libc-abis

As the MIPS port is making changes to the libc-abis file it seems
appropriate for me to address the various comments which have been made
about how libc-abis works.

My perspective is that libc-abis is inherently an arch specific
concept. I.e. One arch may have more special features than another. This
means that the features listed in libc-abis may get different numbers

The rules (constructed via discussion with Joseph) would be:

* Each architecture with IFUNC support gets a copy of the file, mentioning 
both UNIQUE and IFUNC, but with abbreviated comments like in the MIPS file 
rather than the full ones present in the top-level file.
i.e. Add files mentioning both UNIQUE and IFUNC for S/390, AArch64 and ARM.

* The top-level file only has UNIQUE.

* Once that is done, the PLATFORM column should be removed from the files 
and all code processing it removed (so that exactly one such file is found 
through sysdeps, and that file always processed).

* Anyone adding new architecture-independent features to binutils in 
future that require abiversion settings because of incompatibility with 
older dynamic linkers has the responsibility to ensure the value depends 
correctly on the architecture.

Any objections? If not I will send patches for all affected architectures

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