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IFUNC and libc-abis

I notice that IFUNC support has been added for S/390, ARM and AArch64 
without any corresponding additions to the libc-abis file (or 
architecture-specific files, in the ARM and AArch64 cases).

This appears not to have caused any adverse effects - what *should* the 
effect be of this entry being missing, and should the fix simply be to add 
entries to the main file / add new architecture-specific files (as 
applicable - I've added another entry to the libc/ports differences list 
on the wiki todo list to find a better way of handling 
architecture-specific aspects of this file without duplicating 
architecture-independent pieces - c.f. 
<>, "An actually 
clean scheme would not require any duplication of information across ports 

As far as I can see, what I said in 
<> about 
powerpc64 and sparc64 entries not being needed as the match is against 
$(base-machine)-$(config-vendor)-$(config-os) where base-machine has been 
canonicalized by configure still applies.  (But I wouldn't now suggest 
doing anything with $(abi-name), since as far as I can tell that's now an 
unused variable, and should be removed along with the associated 
shlib-versions entries and Makeconfig / soversions.awk handling.)

Joseph S. Myers

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