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Re: Thoughts on bug 15884

On 09/16/2014 08:59 AM, Leonhard Holz wrote:
> Hi folks,
> thanks for the suggestions. Attached is a first attempt for a
> microbenchmark. It simply sorts words from a text file via strcoll.
> It's not adapted to the glibc build environment (yet).
> As input I have choosen "lorem ipsum" texts since they mirror normal
> language and can be generated in many charsets / languages. See
> Maybe there are other use case ideas or input sources? And should I
> vary the collation? Actually C.UTF-8 is choosen.

This is looking like a good start. I do think you should vary
the collation since that's important too, particularly for

As you work on this you will need to make your way through the
contribution checklist here:

The most complicated part is copyright assignment. For all code
contributed to glibc, the Free Software Foundation requires
copyright assignment.

My suggestion to anyone wishing to contribute over the long term
is a "request-assign.future" assignment:

Which indicates you desire to assign future contributes to glibc
to the FSF.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, and
feel free to email me privately.


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