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Re: glibc 2.20 status?

On Wed, 3 Sep 2014, Chris Metcalf wrote:

> Summer vacation certainly got in the way of 2.20 responsiveness for me, and
> perhaps others were similarly affected?

Any release dates will be inconvenient for someone.  I think a month's 
freeze is sufficient (and a month's slush followed by a month's freeze 
excessive); you can always make sure things are in good shape for an 
architecture before going away (even though if that's before the freeze, 
late changes might well break things), and there is no requirement that it 
must be the architecture maintainer who does the release testing.

Being away at the start of this July, I was expecting that the present 
freeze would be mostly over by the time I was back and that it was my 
responsibility to get ARM and MIPS testing done promptly in the limited 
time left - not that we'd still be in slush then with the freeze not 
having started, or that the freeze would be prolonged because of not 
having ensured the testing was done on time.

If a serious problem does show up for an architecture that wasn't tested 
during the freeze, there is always the option of a .1 release, although we 
haven't been doing point releases lately (but I think we should do them 
more routinely - also time-based - if we can get to a point where the 
release branches and the backports on them are useful to multiple 

Joseph S. Myers

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