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Re: [PATCH 1.1] Clean up netgroupcache

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 10:27:09PM +0200, OndÅej BÃlka wrote:
> > make check doesn't test nscd.  You'll need to test this manually by
> > adding various types of netgroups entries in /etc/netgroup.
> > 
> How, I get back to this and now study manpages which is bit confusing. I
> tried to install nis for that but ypcat does not seem to work, do you
> have a test script?

You don't need NIS to test it because you can add netgroup entries in
a file called /etc/netgroup.  I don't have a script handy to create
these, but the netgroup manpage[1] should help you with the netgroup
file format to come up with one.  The file format is quite simple
actually.  Each netgroup entry is of type:

netgroup_name (host1, user1, domain1) (host2, user2, domain2) ...

where the stuff in brackets is called a triplet, which specifies a
combination of hostname, username and domain name that may be allowed
in a netgroup.  A netgroup entry can be split into multiple line with
a trailing backslash (\).  One may have wildcards in a triplet like

(host1, , domain1)

This means any user on host1 and domain1.  You can have similar
wildcards for hosts and domains as well, which makes all of the
following as valid triplets:

(, user, domain)
(, , domain)
(host, , domain)
(host, , )
(host, user, )

and so on.  

I hope this helps.



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