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Re: [PATCH roland/arm-unwind-header] Move ARM internal unwind.h header to the right sysdeps directory.

On Mon, 5 May 2014, Roland McGrath wrote:

> This is a trivial file renaming, so I'm not including a real patch, just
> the 'git apply' flavored one.
> unwind.h contains nothing actually specific to Linux, let alone to NPTL.
> It's required by sysdeps/arm/backtrace.c, so it should be in a sysdeps
> location that is accessible to all configurations building that file.
> The file itself appears to be a quite old copy of the file from GCC (which
> has since changed its name in GCC sources), complete with wrong copyright
> header (which has an exception and so should be legally adequate, but
> probably not what we'd do today).  AFAICT much of what's there is not
> actually used anywhere in libc, so it is probably better to prune the file
> down rather than to try to keep it in sync with the modern GCC file.  (In
> particular the _Unwind_decode_target2 function is troubling, because it
> uses #ifdef deeply wrongly for code living in libc.  But that function is
> wholly unused.)  But that's cleanup for another day.
> OK?


Joseph S. Myers

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