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[Patch] Fix PRI_MACROS_BROKEN undef warnings.

Here is another undefined macro warning fix.  PRI_MACROS_BROKEN is only
used in loadmsgcat.c in the intl directory.  It is never set anywhere in
glibc sources but binutils and gcc use a intl directory that I believe is
derived from the glibc one.  The configure scripts of these products set
PRI_MACROS_BROKEN, but the intl sources in them don't appear to have been
updated from glibc since 2003.

So, if we care about keeping something that is usable with GCC/binutils
this patch seems like the best fix but if we don't care about staying in
sync with the intl directory of GCC or binutils we could just remove
PRI_MACROS_BROKEN completely or even remove the entire section of code
that sets the various PRI* macros since we know that glibc itself has the
correct definitions.

The m4 macro that binutils and GCC use to set PRI_MACROS_BROKEN mentions
AIX 4.3.3 as a platform where the macros are defined as non-string values.
There are already a number differences between intl in glibc and the one
in GCC and binutils.

Tested on mips-mti-linux-gnu with no difference in the object files

Steve Ellcey

2014-04-28  Steve Ellcey  <>

	* intl/intl/loadmsgcat.c (PRI_MACROS_BROKEN): Set default value if
	not set.

diff --git a/intl/loadmsgcat.c b/intl/loadmsgcat.c
index b96a997..e6483ce 100644
--- a/intl/loadmsgcat.c
+++ b/intl/loadmsgcat.c
@@ -94,6 +94,11 @@ char *alloca ();
 /* Provide fallback values for macros that ought to be defined in <inttypes.h>.
    Note that our fallback values need not be literal strings, because we don't
    use them with preprocessor string concatenation.  */
 #if !defined PRId8 || PRI_MACROS_BROKEN
 # undef PRId8
 # define PRId8 "d"

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