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Re: ia64 failing tst-backtrace4 due to not enough debug info

On Mon, 30 Dec 2013, Mike Frysinger wrote:

> it looks like a limitation in the libunwind logic (part of gcc) ?  the ia64 

I believe ia64 might use either libgcc unwind code or separate libunwind.

> backtrace code uses the x86_64 file and that just calls _Unwind_* funcs that 
> come via gcc.  which means i should bounce this to upstream gcc and not worry 
> about the test failure in glibc right ?  i've never poked into the unwind lib 
> too closely before ...

I don't think it can usefully be reported to GCC until you've traced the 
backtracing process yourself and identified either (a) a case where you 
can describe exactly what's wrong with the unwind information generated by 
GCC compared to what you say it should generate that would allow 
backtracing here or (b) a case where the unwind information is sufficient 
but one of the _Unwind_* functions, that you've identified as coming from 
libgcc, is handling it in an identified incorrect or suboptimal way.

Joseph S. Myers

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