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ia64 failing tst-backtrace4 due to not enough debug info

on ia64, i'm seeing this test failure:
$ ./tst-backtrace4
Obtained backtrace with 4 functions (but wanted at least 6)
Function 0: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(handle_signal+0x1ffffffffffb2e10) 
Function 1: 
Function 2: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(fn+0x1ffffffffffb3090) [0x4000000000002be0]
Function 3: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(fn+0x1ffffffffffb2fe0) [0x4000000000002b30]

on x86_64, it looks like:
$ ./tst-backtrace4
Obtained backtrace with 6 functions
Function 0: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(handle_signal+0x1f) [0x4019bf]
Function 1: ./ [0x2b24138ae460]
Function 2: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(fn+0x40) [0x401b60]
Function 3: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(fn+0xd) [0x401b2d]
Function 4: ./debug/tst-backtrace4(fn+0xd) [0x401b2d]
Function 5: ./debug/tst-backtrace4() [0x401b9e]

it looks like a limitation in the libunwind logic (part of gcc) ?  the ia64 
backtrace code uses the x86_64 file and that just calls _Unwind_* funcs that 
come via gcc.  which means i should bounce this to upstream gcc and not worry 
about the test failure in glibc right ?  i've never poked into the unwind lib 
too closely before ...

i'm using gcc-4.7.3 atm.

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