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Re: netresolve: name resolution library project announcement

On Friday 08 November 2013 16:08:47 Pavel Simerda wrote:
> The primary goal of the library is to provide name resolution functionality
> for network applications without the limitations currently imposed by the
> glibc implementation. For now I'm going to develop netresolve alongside
> glibc's name resolution functionality but would also like to see what can
> be done with the glibc implementation itself. That is why I started the
> project at and why I'm announcing it on the glibc mailing
> list. Looking forward to working together to make name resolution on open
> source systems better.

i suspect that there are many corners of the glibc code base which simply lack 
an interested maintainer, and the resolver falls into that.  people look at it 
when there are bugs, or there is a specific feature missing, but otherwise 
languishes.  if someone (like you perhaps?) decided to champion it, i bet most 
people would be more than happy to let you do so.

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