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Re: [PATCH] Enable building glibc with gold.

On 09/01/13 14:44, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> Which leave us with two courses of action:
> (1) Don't support building with gold.
> Given that there are regressions we should not
> support building with gold at all. Knowing that
> downstream distributions and users might build 
> glibc with gold and ignore the testsuite results.
> (2) Support building with gold.
> Enable building with gold in order to help 
> minimize the work required to test building with
> gold. Downstream distributions can switch the system
> default to gold and start diagnosing failures. As
> a counter-point to (1) Debian's build system will 
> fail a package build if regressions are detected in
> the testsuite (prevents a gold build from being uploaded).
> I'm inclined strongly to (2) because it enables developer
> choice and makes it easier to test "new" technology.

I also favour (2).  Any downstream distribution or user not checking the
testsuite results is asking for breakage...

One option is to add an AC_WARNING message when GOLD is selected saying
that GOLD support is experimental until the testsuite passes completely.


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