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Implementation of C11 Bounds-checking interfaces

We wrote an implementation of the bounds-checking C functions (as
specified in Annex K of the current C standard, a.k.a. C11) for use with
the GNU C library. Annex K includes the _s functions, such as strcpy_s,
strcat_s etc.

It is my understanding that you prefer having such an implementation in
an external library which is why our implementation is a self-contained
library. It’s mostly a wrapper around glibc functions but in a couple of
cases we had to directly reuse code from glibc. It is supposed to work
with GCC and Glibc. It compiles and all test cases run successfully on
recent linux distributions (OpenSuSE, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu).

This library consists of

-)a thread-safe implementation of all functions specified in the ISO
Standard (except widechar functions)

-)API documentation for all functions

-)test cases for all functions

-) overloaded C++ template functions for easier use when compiling with g++

More information about the project is available at:

Of course, we welcome your feedback.


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