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Re: Avoid use of libgcc_s and libgcc_eh when building glibc

> > But I think all those --disable-*/-with* options are really just intended
> > to affect libgcc, right?  So I wonder if there might not be a better
> They are intended to affect anything in GCC they are relevant to; I don't 
> think there's a clear definition that they are only relevant to some parts 
> and not others.

I know about the principle of configure options for hierarchical configure
situations.  I was asking the empirical question about what's actually
affected in a gcc build.

> I hope it will indeed eventually be possible to configure and build GCC 
> only once with only libgcc having separate builds for bootstrap purposes.

I think any changes necessary for that at this point will be on the GCC
side.  So I hope someone there will take up the challenge.

> The present patch (now presumably for glibc 2.17) aims at a more modest 
> incremental improvement on the glibc side.  

Understood.  I had thought this had already gone in (evidently because I
wasn't really paying attentino), and it's a shame if it will be delayed
past 2.16, but so it goes.


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