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Re: Avoid use of libgcc_s and libgcc_eh when building glibc

> On Wed, 6 Jun 2012, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > > I can now do: binutils, GCC "configure --disable-shared --disable-threads
> > > --without-headers --with-newlib" [...] complete GCC, [...]
> > 
> > Do any of those configure options affect gcc proper, or only the target
> > libraries?  That is, is the "complete GCC" step rebuilding the compiler in
> > a way that matters, or just completing the build of the target libraries?
> At least --disable-shared does affect the specs built in to the GCC 
> driver.

Hmm.  It looks like that could be defeated by something like

But I think all those --disable-*/-with* options are really just intended
to affect libgcc, right?  So I wonder if there might not be a better
procedure in which one builds gcc proper with the normal/final set of
configuration options and only specially configures a libgcc build to be
used for the libc build.

No doubt some hacking of the gcc top-level makefile stuff would make that
easier.  Perhaps there is some sensible way to teach it about a new target
build variant (i.e. as if it were a different multilib alternative) that
builds just libgcc and uses extra configure options for that build.


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