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Re: Cross-rpcgen patch, version 6

On 05/09/2012 09:34 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
AFAIK the two large rpc users are NFS and NIS. TI-RPC is used today by
the NFSv4 code but not usable for NIS at all. And NIS is IMO fading out
as well but still in use... I even suggested dropping NIS but didn't
succeed ;-(

I use YP myself at home (and resist calling it NIS, that's how old-fashioned I am). But not because it's good at anything, only because it's so much easier to set up and maintain than any of the more modern solutions.

It is indeed.

The problem is that everybody is patching it in. We could add a
configure option to enable building against it - that would send the
message out as well that its obsolete.

That notion just occurred to me as well. I would very much prefer that it be a configure option rather than a plain reversal. In fact, I think we should make the default to leave it out of the API. It's trivial for packagers to pass another configure option.

Indeed, I'll send a separate patch,

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