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Re: Remove pre-2.2 Linux kernel support

On Tue, 8 May 2012, Roland McGrath wrote:

> The thrust of this is certainly fine.  I only skimmed the patch.
> One thing I noticed is at least one case (chown) that looks like
> it could be replaced with a syscalls.list entry now.

Yes, as I said there are plenty of further cleanups possible.  I suspect 
removing the old bounded pointers support (on the list for after 2.16) 
could open up more cleanup opportunities as well.

The version of chown that's very simple now is the powerpc one, and I'd 
certainly encourage architecture maintainers to do their own cleanups, 
looking for conditional code that no longer needs to be conditional or 
architecture-specific versions where architecture-independent C files or 
syscalls.list entries would now suffice.  (Architecture maintainers are 
also free to increase the minimum kernel version for their architecture at 
their own discretion.)  x86 chown will be simplified once we clean up 
__ASSUME_32BITUIDS by removing 2.2 and 2.3 kernel support.

Joseph S. Myers

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