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Re: [PATCH] Add a few noreturn keywords

On 01/08/2012 07:25 PM, Ulrich Drepper wrote:

> This patch makes no sense.  To be useful the prototypes should be marked.

Right, sorry.  Updated version below.  However, when I added the
noreturn attribute to __pthread_exit in pthreadP.h, GCC started to
forward.c:164:1: warning: ânoreturnâ function does return
which seems quite a bit odd, since in __pthread_exit we "call" __do_cancel,
which itself is noreturn...  Perhaps a bug in GCC?  So I'm not touching the
pthread_exit any more, at least for now.  And wrt *longjmp*, all prototypes
are marked as noreturn already; it may be that GCC is confused by the

BTW, wouldn't it be better to define `attribute_noreturn' which could
under C11 expand to _Noreturn keyword, otherwise to
__attribute__ ((noreturn))?  Thanks,

2012-01-10  Marek Polacek  <>

	* locale/programs/localedef.h (show_archive_content): Add noreturn

--- libc/locale/programs/	2012-01-10 12:14:11.512419142 +0100
+++ libc/locale/programs/localedef.h	2012-01-10 12:14:40.705534134 +0100
@@ -178,6 +178,6 @@ extern int add_locales_to_archive (size_
 extern int delete_locales_from_archive (size_t nlist, char *list[]);

 /* List content of locale archive.  */
-extern void show_archive_content (int verbose);
+extern void show_archive_content (int verbose) __attribute__ ((noreturn));

 #endif /* localedef.h */


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