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Re: follow-up on tile architecture changes

On 12/12/2011 9:51 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I'll look at each individual change again when I get a chance.  If you have
> a sourceware account with the access that lets you push to the ports
> repository, then you have physical access to the main libc repository as
> well.  Anyone with such access is welcome to publish anything they like (if
> its copyright has been assigned to the FSF) on branches called
> <username>/whatever (using your sourceware username).
> So you can expedite the process of review and merging by putting each of
> your changes on such a branch and announcing the branch names.  That way
> someone like me can do a simple merge rather than manual fiddling for patch
> application, for each change that is approved.  Please be sure that the git
> author/committer identity is the same name and email address that appears
> in the ChangeLog entries.

Should this be one branch per change?  Or should I queue a number of
changes into one branch that I can use for staging all my core changes,
e.g., "cmetcalf/tile/"?


Chris Metcalf, Tilera Corp.

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