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Re: [PATCH] Microoptimize regex, take 2

Updated ChangeLog:

2004-03-24  Paolo Bonzini  <>

        * posix/regex_internal.c (free_state): Free the
        word_trtable if it is used.
        (re_string_reconstruct, re_string_context_at): Add
        several branch predictions for case-sensitive
        matching and for no transition table being used.
        * posix/regex_internal.h (re_dfastate_t): Turn the
        word_trtable from a 1-bit flag into a pointer to a
        transition table.
        * posix/regexec.c (acquire_init_state_context): Do not
        always inline.
        * posix/regexec.c (build_trtable): Store the transition
        table into state.  Return a boolean indicating success.
        (transit_state): Check trtable and word_trtable separately,
        instead of looking into word_trtable for information about
        the trtable's contents.  Remove the check for out-of-bounds
        (check_matching): Check here for out-of-bounds buffers.
        (match_ctx_free_subtops): Remove, merge into...
        (match_ctx_clean): ... this function.
        (match_ctx_free): Call match_ctx_clean.
        (re_search_internal): Store into match_kind a set of bits
        indicating which incantation of fastmap scanning must be
        used.  Use a switch statement instead of multiple ifs.
        Exit the final "for (;;)" with goto free_return unless
        the match succeeded, thus simplifying some conditionals.

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