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Re: [rfc] alpha-linux changing to 128-bit long double

At Sat, 6 Mar 2004 21:58:26 -0800,
Richard Henderson wrote:
> I would be comfortable getting all this done for glibc 2.3.4, and
> just say "use an older release if you don't want this abi change."
> Seems to me the ifdeffery (and worse, makefile ifdeffery) would be
> too awful to considering supporting both modes simultaneously.
> As for gcc, I suppose I'll have to do something like a different
> configuration name, such as alpha-dec-linux-glibc6.2?  The patches
> to gcc (for any recent version) should be small; the support is
> already present because of Tru64, just have to turn it on.
> Cc'ed to debian-glibc, since they're the only currently viable alpha
> distribution that I'm aware of.  I see yall are still using glibc
> 2.3.2.  What are debian's plans here wrt the next release (if there's
> ever to be one)?

We're no problem of the transition to libc6.2, and we can help you
(ex) build and test various packages using newer libc on alpha.

Unfortunatelly, Debian/sarge (next release) is getting to the final
step, so it's hard to replace libc6.1.  I'm impatient for debian's
current glibc to update its version which is based on the last year
(September) cvs, but it's still time to wait for new release.  So this
transition will be after sarge.

-- gotom

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