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Re: RFC: IDN support in getaddrinfo().

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Simon Josefsson wrote:

>>We obviously have code internally to map from and to UTF-8.  These would
>>have to be used.  They are a bit lower-level than iconv.
> Can you give a pointer?  I couldn't find anything in the libc manual,
> but I guess they aren't exported.

This code isn't documented.  Don't worry about this, I can take care of
this part.

> Do you have any opinion on the format of the external files?  Text or
> binary?  Platform dependent or independent binary?  Export both
> Unicode NFKC and RFC 3454 tables, or just one of them?

Definitely binary data.  During the glibc build a program can be
constructed (or better yet, make it a script) which construct the binary
data file.  It's probably best to make it a DSO which symbol has no
function symbol (just the data symbols).

> This will likely take some time to implement, the tables are exported
> to several closely intertwined C variables, and they are accessed from
> many functions.

If you do it as a DSO there shouldn't be too much change.  When opening,
assign the variable addresses in the DSO to global variables.

> Libidn is not a FSF-copyrighted package, but I can assign the libc
> patch to the FSF.

That will be necessary.  Can somebody with the right form please send it
to Simon (Mark, Roland, Jakub, Andreas, ...)?

> punycode.*, copied from RFC 3492 (bis), with this license text:
>  * Disclaimer and license: Regarding this entire document or any
>  * portion of it (including the pseudocode and C code), the author
>  * makes no guarantees and is not responsible for any damage resulting
>  * from its use.  The author grants irrevocable permission to anyone
>  * to use, modify, and distribute it in any way that does not diminish
>  * the rights of anyone else to use, modify, and distribute it,
>  * provided that redistributed derivative works do not contain
>  * misleading author or version information.  Derivative works need
>  * not be licensed under similar terms.

This is acceptable.

> nfkc.c, contain some functions based on functions in GLIB gutf8.c and
> gunidecomp.c.  Some of them might not be needed, if I find
> replacements within libc.  The license text:
>  * Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 Tom Tromey
>  * Copyright (C) 2000 Red Hat, Inc.

No problem either.

>, also from GLIB:
> #    Copyright (C) 1998, 1999 Tom Tromey
> #    Copyright (C) 2001 Red Hat Software

No problem.  And we need to include the script.

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