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Re: RFC: IDN support in getaddrinfo().

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Simon Josefsson wrote:
> Continuing an old thread regarding support for Internationalized
> Domain Names (IDN) in glibc, prompted by the adaption of my glibc
> patches by developers from some Linux distributions, I'd like to
> formalize my ideas in a proposal for extending the getaddrinfo() API.

The problem I have with this is: we do not have the idn code in glibc.
It is big, and changing, which makes me not wanting to add this.  And
getaddrinfo is core functionality.  Requiring some external code for it
to work is undesirable.  The interface might change or whatever other
incompatibilities can arise.  This is highly unpleasant.

I do see that this form of the interface is nice.  So my questions are:

~ do you need all of the libidn interface to implement the suggested
  getaddrinfo extension?

~ what is the size of the absolutely minimum amount of code (source
  and object file)

For the encoding conversion code, in glibc you'd have to use the
glibc-internal interfaces, and not iconv() itself.

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