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Re: solaris forte 7 cc argp fixes

Roland McGrath <> writes:

>> Finally, a few header files from gnulib need to be included for argp to
>> build standalone properly.
> AFAIK we have never before had libc source files require random internal
> header files of some package, not even gnulib.  Why shouldn't everything
> they need come from config.h or autoconf-based selective header inclusion?
> The purpose of #if !_LIBC code is to build *standalone* in any package
> using GNU config.h conventions, not to be tailored for some particular
> other GNU package.

Right, but making argp truly standalone (without support from gnulib)
would require more modifications.  Issues that would need to be
considered include: alloca, getopt, strchrnul, mempcpy, strndup,
strnlen, a sysexits.h header file (and possibly more).  The goal with
my argp patches so far has been to only do the minimal amount of
modifications in libc that would be required to get argp sources to
run with the help of gnulib.  I'm sorry that I haven't succeeded in
making that clear.  Do you prefer if argp/* in libc would work
standalone on any C89 platform?


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