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Re: ppc completely soft patches

+ __adddf3; __addsf3; __divdf3; __divsf3; __eqdf2; __eqsf2;
+ __extendsfdf2; __fixdfdi; __fixdfsi; __fixsfdi; __fixsfsi;
+ __fixtfdi; __fixtfsi;
+ __fixunsdfdi; __fixunsdfsi; __fixunssfdi; __fixunssfsi;
+ __floatdidf; __floatdisf; __floatsidf; __floatsisf;
+ __gedf2; __gesf2; __ledf2; __lesf2; __muldf3; __mulsf3;
+ __negdf2; __negsf2; __sqrtdf2; __sqrtsf2; __subdf3;
+ __subsf3; __truncdfsf2; __trunctfsf2;
_q_add; _q_cmp; _q_cmpe; _q_div; _q_dtoq; _q_feq; _q_fge; _q_fgt;
_q_fle; _q_flt; _q_fne; _q_itoq; _q_mul; _q_neg; _q_qtod; _q_qtoi;
_q_qtos; _q_qtou; _q_sqrt; _q_stoq; _q_sub;
What is this hunk good for? If they are _really_ needed for backwards
compatibility, do it like powerpc32/libgcc-compat.S to avoid exporting them
as link-time references.
For soft-float, gcc will emit calls to these in user space, and we want to use the library functions in libc, not the ones that come with libgcc.

Aldy Hernandez E-mail:
Professional Gypsy in a one-street town.
Red Hat, Inc.

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