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Re: ChangeLogs in commit messages

Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > Andreas Arnez pointed out that Joel previously mentioned
> > generating the actual ChangeLog files from the commit messages,
> > here:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > This sounds like an interesting idea, but we really would have to
> > standardize on a particular format, and I think #1 (path and
> > author- date headers) is the only option that could realistically
> > work.  If we standardize on this now (and put some checks on the
> > server to weed out bad messages) then come December we'll have
> > four months of commit messages we can use to check whether we can
> > correctly replicate the ChangeLog files.  And, if we can, we can
> > consider omitting the files from the repo and generating them as
> > needed for tarballs.
> > 
> > How does this sound?
> That sounds good to me. I do agree that a server-side "update" check
> is needed to verify the CL entry is present in the revision log and
> in the correct format.

Does anybody have any experience writing such checks?  Or, does
anybody know of any project that already uses such checks?  I can
look into doing it myself (it's a pre-receive hook, right?)



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