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Re: Why does gdb stop at a diff erent line than “i b” shows while ret urning from function?

On 29.07.2012 20:54, wrote:
> Here is the program I am trying to debug:
> [...]
> This code is coming from here 
The original code with forward decl of display compiles without warning ;)
> It was supposed to stop at line 8 in main() but it stopped at line 9 it main(). For me it's misleading. I think it should stop at line 9, because this is what 'break' commands does - sets a break point at the very next instruction. But why "info breakpoints" said that the break point was set at line 8?
The behaviour is similar with setting a breakpoint at empty line 7 ("b
7") or function header line 13 ("b 13"): "i b" shows try5.c:7 resp.
try5.c:13, but the program stops at line 8 resp. 15.

The thing gets even fancier, when you rerun the program after setting
the breakpoints: Now "i b" lists your breakpoint at line 9, while my
breakpoints remain at line 7 resp. 13.

- Joachim

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